Sunday, May 3, 2009

BBQ for Jake May 2009

Saturday was a drizzling, cool day for a BBQ but who really cares when family come together? Jake and his friends finally came in about 45 minutes after we got to Shawn & Chris' but hey, he's trying to get everything ready and say all his goodbyes :O)

Michael is showing us his nose hairs. Always the clown.

Jennifer & James came to but James had a little runny nose so they didn't stay too long. Hard to be the only little one there. What a cutie! Notice Chris is working on his six pack!

Chris prepared everything and Shawn cooked. Great combination don't you think? Of course, Shawn was a little hard to get on film but I did succeed with a few.

The weather cleared a little bit in the afternoon so most of us moved out to the back yard to keep Shawn company while he cooked. Michael decided to show us how he picks his nose...gross.

It was a relaxed little get together and I'm so glad we could be there to wish our good luck to Jake. Love you!


Trish said...

I would have done anything to have been there thanks for sharing

chris said...

Oh gee, thanks mom for sharing my belly with the world