Friday, September 18, 2009

Kevin & his "Girls"

This was such a great weekend. Hard to believe it was May 2007. The girls were, of course, being clowns, Auni at 16, Kayla at 14 and Ashley (with her tongue stuck out) is 13. Mary is the other "girl". Kevin and Mary were married on August 15, 1999. Kevin took on a ready made family and is way outnumbered. I know how he feels. I had three boys so counting husband, there were four. I had no clue what boys needed. I was the oldest of eight and the siblings close to me were girls too. As my sister Trish said in her blog at one point, they don't hand you instructions so it's by trial and error. I sure made a lot of mistakes back then and I seemed to take forever to get it right but hopefully I learned from those mistakes.
The weather was great that weekend and the girls really wanted to ride the horses. Miss Sudden San, better known as "Portia" was saddled up and trotted around her pasture. She was great with all of them and they had a wonderful time.
The amazing part was that even Kevin rode that day. I was in heaven. Mary decided to wait until another day. Which has not come yet, I might add. The boy's experiences with horses have not always been pleasant. The first time Michael rode, he rode bareback on my half-Arabian gelding on a lounge line. The horse decided he didn't like that little guy on his back and took off slinging Michael off. Luckily, he had no broken bones so we left for home to get him cleaned up. Driving by the Harvard exit, he says, "Mom, how come I see two of you?" Oops...that can't be good. So off to the Emergency room we go. A slight concussion they say and an overnight in the hospital. I don't think he's gotten on another horse since. Dang it! As many times as I've been tossed off, I still get back on them. Guess I'm still wearing my sign..."NUTS ABOUT HORSES"

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Anonymous said...

You can add me to the "nuts about horses" thing. My kids don't ride except for Jason occasionally and I have always wondered what I did wrong. I always rode and so did Jeff and none of our kids even particularly like horses. Weird genes or is that jeans.