Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our Rock - Uncle Jerry

This is a picture of Uncle Jerry and me taken the Monday following Mother's Day. Jerry came down to see Gram (his mother) as a surprise on Mother's Day. He drove all night, picked up Gram to go to Gary's and had a BBQ there. He drove back home on Monday so he could be with Aunt Evie on her 60th birthday on Tuesday. Uncle Jerry you were our rock during our days of heartache when Dad passed away those many years ago and in January with Mom. I dont think I appreciated or showed you how much it meant. Please forgive me for that. Sometimes we don't realize how important someone is until they are gone. Thankfully, Jerry is still with us and doing as well as can be expected and looking great.
Sure were a beautiful child! Uncle Jerry, we love you with all our hearts and thank you for being there for us during our time of need and know that we are praying for you during your time of need with Aunt Evie.
We were living on Wallacot Street in Southern California. Jerry must have been in his late teens or early 20's and I was in the second grade. He was staying with us or at least was there in the morning. We were out of milk for our cereal. Jerry told us to use water and it would taste just as good. Ok, so I didn't believe him but what else were we going to use? So on went the water...gross! Don't try it, it really doesn't taste good at all.
One thing he did tell us how to make which does taste good is good ole peanut butter & jelly. Take a small bowl, put in some peanut butter and a small amount of jelly or jam and mix well. Yummy!
Jerry went into the Navy and served on a ship. If I knew all the details I'd put them in, but alas I was too young to remember them. When he was discharged, he split his Navy clothes with some of us cousins. Linda and I loved them! Bell bottom pants were great and just in style!!!

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Thanks for putting this one in also. Uncle Jerry is such a caring person and he was indeed our rock while mom was sick. He will remain in my heart a very special person and part of that time.